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What is Prevision?

What is Prevision?

Prevision is known as a "record list" generator. It lists out result records for users playing on online Casino card games as proof of results authenticity. Baccarat is one of the popular games that are being used by Prevision. Results for each round are set once the decks of cards are shuffled. The concept of Prevision Casino Games are based on the baccarat result record, then, a set of results would be pre-generated into the system encrypted file. The player will need to download the encrypted file before the game. The encrypted file is known as Prevision.

What is a Prevision Casino Games?

The Prevision Casino Games is a creative online game which created using the latest online technology. The core of the system consists of randomly generated computer program and Prevision download system.

To ensure the fairness of the game, player is able to download encrypted Prevision into their computer.

For example: When the first game of the round, player can download the Prevision file (contain a slot of cards), which has been encrypted to their personal computer. Once the 1st round is completed, the player will receive the password from the gaming platform as soon as coming round start, then, the player will be able to access the download Prevision and the Player can make comparisons between the generated Prevision Result & the Platform Result. The Prevision Casino Games provide the most transparency and fairness game within the online gaming market.

The fairness of Prevision Casino Games

Prevision is a technique to ensure the fairness and transparency for online gaming. The concept of Prevision is to allow player to download the pre-generated result before the end of the game. Player is able to compare the result to prevent banker deception.