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Crazy Bull Fight

Crazy Bull Fight Layout

Game Description

Crazy Bull Fight is a game played by 2-5 person simultaneously using a deck of standard 52 pokers card exclude 2 jokers.

System will randomly choose a player for an auction call to determine who will be the banker when the game starts.

All players have the chance to snatch to be the banker.

System will randomly pick a player as the banker if there is noone willing to be the banker.

There is no comparison cards value among the players. All players compare the cards value with bankers.

Each player will get 5 cards and divided into 2 groups: Group A- 3 cards ( cards face up) ; Group B- 2 cards ( card face down).

The highlight in Crazy Bull Fight is Group A cards with face up to increasing the excitement in the game and Group B card with face down.

system will calculate the percentage for player to get "high Rank" cards. Then players are able to add multiplier which will affect the amount of the winning or lossing outcome.

Bankers are not allowed to add multiplier to the winnings.

Group A- 3 Cards

Sum up the total values of the 3 cards to be exactly 10,20 or 30.

A-10 represent the face value of each cards, JQK represents 10 points.

It will be considered as "COW" if the total sum of group A =10,20,30 points.

If both Banker and Player gets the same total in Group A (10,20 or 30 points), system will then compare Group B.

If no player gets 10,20 or 30 points, it is considered as "No Bull" and player will lose the game.

System will calculate the percentage to get "COW" for player . From there, player can decide to snatch to be banker or to add multiplier to the game.

Banker is not allowed to add multiplier to the game.

Group B- 2 cards

sum up the total values of the remaining 2 cards;

Biggest point=10 and smallest point =1; take the single digit value if the total values more than 10 or less than 20.

Total Sum Up Rank
0 No Bull
1 Niu Ding
2 Niu Er
3 Niu San
4 Niu Si
5 Niu Wu
6 Niu Liu
7 Niu Qi
8 Niu Ba
9 Niu Jiu
10 or 20 Niu Niu
4 cards of same Rank e.g AAAA ( NO BULL cards) Si Za
5 cards of combination JQK Wu Hua Niu
biggest rank- total of 5 cards smaller or equal to 10.
Eg: 11223,12223,11124
Wu Xiao Niu

Orders in card comparison

For ranks: A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2.

Spade, Heart, Clubs and Diamond.